How to substitute a horse on the FEI Entry System

You need to substitute a horse for an event?

There has been a last minute change?


Step 1: Connect to the new version of the FEI Entry System for Jumping and find the event at which you need to make the substitution.

Find the horse you wish to substitute and click on Horse - Substitute:


Step 2: A pop-up window will appear where you need to search for the horse by name or enter the FEI ID number of the new horse that you are wishing to enter:


Step 3: Once you have selected the horse that is substituting in you will need to click on Substitute horse.

The pop-up will display the action that is taking place, the current situation compared to what the new situation will be - this clearly displays what will be the status after you have confirmed the substitution.


Step 4: The substitution will be displayed on the list of entries with the new horse's name in bold. The substituted horse is also displayed but greyed and crossed out.




2020-01-04 12:49
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