How to add a comment on an entry on the FEI Entry System

You need to communicate some information to the Organising Committee related to an Athlete/Horse's entry?


Step 1: Connect to the new version of the FEI Entry System for Jumping and find the Event for which you have already entered an Athlete/Horse, or you want to make a new entry.

Click here to see "how to make an entry on the FEI Entry System for a specific Event."


A comment can be added to a draft entry, an entry on the waiting list or a confirmed entry.


Step 2.1: On the entry of the Athlete, you click on Athlete and then on Comment in the drop down menu:

Step 2.2: You would click on Horse and then on Comment for adding a comment related to a Horse: 


Step 3: You write your comment or message and click on Save comment. The comment can be max. 500 characters.


Step 4: Once the comment is saved, it is visible under the Horse's name and a icon appears next to the name of the Athlete to indicate there is a comment for this combination.


Step 5: If you wish to delete your comment, you need to open the Comment window and erase the written text. You then click on Save comment with no text in the comment field:


Organising Committees can see all comments as soon as the entry is submitted, they also receive this information in the downloads that are available to them.


Please note: Comments are purely informative and a means to provide information to the Organising Committee.



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