How to transfer an Athlete from one Event to another in the FEI Entry System

One of your Athletes is not entered in the correct Event? Your Athlete wants to change Event category?

You need to transfer one of your Athlete's Horses from one Event category to another?


It is now possible to transfer an entry from one Event to another of the same Show, without withdrawing and re-entering the combination.


Step 1: Connect to the new version of the FEI Entry System and find the Show in which you wish to change the Athlete's entry.


Step 2: Find the Athlete you wish to transfer from one Event to another and click on Athlete - Transfer:

A pop-up window will appear.


Step 3.1: If your Athlete is entered in several Events of the same Show, you will need to select the Event from which you wish to transfer the Athlete and then click on Transfer Entry:


Step 3.2: If your Athlete is only entered in one Event, or you have chosen the Event from which you wish to transfer them, the below pop-up will be displayed. You will need to select which Athlete's Horse you wish to transfer and to which Event. You then click on Transfer Entry.

Please note: You are selecting the entry that you wish to move from one Event to another. The on-screen instructions will assist you and inform you of any possible situations that may arise.


Step 3.3: If you wish to transfer an entry to an Invitation System Event, you will have to select the quota in which you wish to transfer the entry. 

  • You can select Home NF quota if the Show is held in your own Country AND if the Home NF quota is not full or the period has not expired
  • You can select OC quota if you wish for the entry to be considered by the Organising Committee
  • If the Event is not in your own Country, the OC quota is selected by default

For further information regarding the timelines of the FEI Online Invitation System, please click here.


Step 4: The entry that was transfered will be displayed as Withdrawn in the old Event and will remain Confirmed or on waiting list in the new Event.


Please note: If the entry was already accepted in the old Event it will not be automatically accepted in the new Event. The relevant quotas, timelines and settings of the new Event will be applied; in most cases it will be up to the Organising Committee to accept the entry that was transfered.



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