How to search for Events with entries for your NF on the FEI Entry System

You want to see all Events where your Athletes are entered on the FEI Entry System?


There is a function that allows you to list only the Events where Athletes from your Federation are entered.


Step 1: Connect to the new version of the FEI Entry System for Jumping. Once connected, click on Event Search in the top menu bar:


Step 2: In the Search criteria table, click on Yes next to Only events with your NF entries (GBR in this example) and then click on Search events:

This will list all Events in which an Athlete from your Federation is entered.


Optional Step: You have the option to to be more precise in your search criteria using the different filters available.

You can for example look for a specific Athlete/Horse, for a Venue or for entries between certain dates.





2020-03-27 08:27
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