How to manage unregistered Athletes and Horses on the FEI Database


In accordance with Art. 113 of the FEI General Regulations, all Athletes and Horses must be annually registered with the FEI to compete in a FEI event. It is the responsablity of the National Federation to ensure that both the Athlete and Horse are registered.


Registration of Athletes and Horses should be made via the FEI Database or FEI Entry System prior to the combination competing in a FEI event.

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If a combination competes in a FEI event without being registered, the following new "Unregistered Procedure" will apply:


1) National Federations will receive a email from the FEI IT Department on the first working day of the month:

  • This email will contain a list of the Athletes and Horses that competed at a FEI event without being registered
  • The email will be sent to all National Federation members who are in charge of Athletes and Horses


2) This email will contain a deadline date before which all the combinations must be registered:

  • The deadline will be the last working day of the same month


3) All combinations not registered by this date will be disqualified:

  • The combination will be disqualified from all events mentioned on the list
  • Once a combination is disqualified, this cannot be undone


Please note: both members of the combination must be registered. If the Athlete is registered but not the Horse, the combination will still be disqualified and vice versa.

Athletes are responsible for their Horse registration, so even if you are not the Admin NF of the horse, please make sure it is properly registered to avoid your Athlete being disqualified.


National Federations will receive ONE list per month for ALL disciplines with ONE deadline.

For any questions regarding the management of unregistered Athletes and Horses, please contact:


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