How to upload XML Jumping Results in the FEI Database

You have been appointed as IT provider at an international Event and must provide the FEI with the event results.

You will find below how to upload the XML Results int the FEI Database.


The FEI IT department provides an XML Format for Automated Results Processing that was developed to automate results processing and data exchange between Organising Committees, National Federations, and the FEI. You will find the XSD files you will require to implement this XML format in your own software on our website by clicking here.


Step 1: Get your username and password

In order to upload XML results files, you will require a personal access to the FEI Database.

To get a username and password, complete the NDA available on the webpage here we will send you your account details for the test and production environments.


Step 2: Environment URLs


This is the FEI production platform. Everything you do on this platform will go live.



This is the FEI test platform.


Step 3: Login

You can log in to by clicking on Login in the top right corner and enter your username and password.



Step 4: Download Show and Event Details

To produce XML Files with all the data required by the FEI, you will need to retrieve the FEI ID numbers of shows, events and competitions, schedule competition numbers, schedule rules and venue names.


Step 4A: Search Event

On the Calendar Search Page, look for your event and then click on Search on the bottom right corner.

 Step 4B: Choose Event

Then choose your event and select it in the list by clicking on it.


Step 4C: Download the Event Details

Then Download the Event Details by clicking on “Download Event Detail...” in the bottom left corner.