How to add a comment on the FEI Online Schedule

You are the Organising Committee of a FEI Event and you would like to add a comment for your National Federation's attention? You would like to ask your NF a question regarding something on the Schedule?


The Comments system allows you to communicate with your National Federation directly on the FEI Online Schedule platform. This will assist the workflow and communication involved with the creation of an Event schedule and streamline the overall process.


Step 1: Connect to the FEI Online Schedule Platform ( with your FEI credentials.


Step 2: On your Dashboard click on Details to open the schedule of your Event.


Step 3: For the comment logo to appear, put your mouse next to one of the titles or sub-titles e.g. Accomodated from *.

Clicking on the comment logo will open a pop-up window on the right hand side of your screen. Here you add your comment - once you have written the comment for your NF, click on Save to add your comment. 

If you no longer want to add a comment, click on Cancel.


Step 4: You can find multiple places to add comments, either linked to a specific point or to the section in general.

E.g. The Officials section as shown below:


Please note: You can add as many comments as you wish throughout your schedule, you can also review all comments made by your National Federation and yourselves by using the View all comments button on the top right of your screen.



2021-02-10 14:50
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