How to provide the Equine Health Requirements specifically requested for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games

In accordance with the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games Equestrian Freight Manual certain Equine Health Requirements must be submitted for all Horses via the FEI HorseApp.


1) Location at D-15 before the arrival in Versailles through to, and including, D+15 after departure from Versailles

  • This can be done via the FEI HorseApp for all Horses using the "Self check-in" function
  • This functionality is always available and strongly recommended to be used on a daily basis
  • You select that the Horse is not currently at a FEI Show (until arrival) and the location of the Horse will be registered
  • The person performing the check-in must be with the Horse in question, as your position is geo-localised and saved to the FEI HorseApp
  • Click here to see "How to check-in a Horse using the FEI HorseApp"


2) Date of entrance in France and location(s) where horses are staying in France prior to the competition

  • A specific "Event Travel Details" section has been added to the FEI HorseApp
  • This section will allow you to enter the date of Horse entry into France
  • This section will allow you to register the place(s) the Horse will stay in France prior to arriving in the Stables in Versailles
  • This section will allow you to indicate if the Horse resides in France
  • This section will allow you to indicate the Horse departure from France as per the requirements in the Freight Manual
  • Detailed guidelines on how to use the Event Travel Details section can be found here


3) All mandatory customs and sanitary documents


4) The Pre-Arrival & Event Horse Temperatures


5) ) The FEI Horse Health Self-Certification Form


All requirements are mandatory and will be provided to the relevant authorities within France / Paris 2024 Olympic & Paralympic Games Organisation



Further guidelines on how to use the FEI HorseApp can be found on the links below:


For any questions related to the FEI HorseApp, please contact


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