How to issue a duplicate FEI Recognition Card

Once the original national passport is full, e.g. vaccinations/identity control, these should continue in the FEI Recognition Card.

Once any of the sections in the FEI Recognition Card is full, a duplicate FEI Recognition Card needs to be issued.

The national passport stays “original” and a second FEI Recognition Card is issued for the vaccinations/identity controls to continue in, this can be repeated whenever the FEI RC is full.


Step 1: verify that the information on the FEI Database is correct in regards to the FEI recognised ID number and issuing body of the national passport.


Step 2: To issue a duplicate, the duplicate stickers need to be requested from the FEI by email: 

These will be sent in an attachment to be printed out on the FEI sticker paper.


Step 3: As mentioned in the procedure "How to issue an FEI Recognition Card", sticker #1 must be stuck and stamped on page 1 of a blank FEI RC and sticker #2 must be stuck, stamped and signed on page 2 of a blank FEI Recognition Card.


This sticker #1 will have the word DUPLICATA on it.This represents that this is not the first/original FEI document.


Step 4: A full scan of the duplicate document (FEI Recognition Card and national passport) needs to be uploaded to the FEI Database.


These can be uploaded in one Full Document or per page as explained in “How to upload horse documents for FEI Recognition Cards on the FEI Database.”


Step 5: The national passport is put in the purple jacket, so that the national passport and FEI Recognition Card are always together.

If the previous FEI Recognition Card was not lost, but just full; this can also be slotted into the purple jacket to keep all the relevant documents together.



Things to Consider:

  • Horses should only have 1 national passport
  • If the horse has a FEI Recognition Card, a duplicate national passport should ONLY be issued if the national passport is lost or stolen.
  • If the national passport is lost or stolen, a duplicate national document should first be requested from the issuing body in question, then a duplicate FEI Recognition Card can be issued.
  • Extra pages should not be inserted into a national passport if a FEI Recognition Card exists.
  • If a duplicate FEI RC needs to be issued, but the vaccinations are in the old one, a phrase can be written in the FEI Recognition card on the first line of page 26, to confirm that the horse has its vaccinations up to date in a previous document. (art. 1028.9 VRs)
  • The phrase to use is "The vaccination history of this Horse is correct to date. Last vaccination on 00/00/00 date."




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