How to issue a FEI Passport

If a horse does not have a national passport that is approved by the FEI and only if the horse is administered by a country outside of the EU, as specified in Art. 137 of the FEI General Regulations, can a FEI Passport be issued.


Step 1:A blank FEI Passport has to be sent to the owner of the horse or directly to the Vet who will fill out the description/diagram page.

 The Vet must fill out the description and diagram, in line with the Identification of Horses details, it must then be signed and stamped and sent back to the National Federation.


Step 2: You must find the horse in question on the FEI Database either by FEI ID number or name and open the Horse Detail page. If the horse does not exist you must create the horse, please see “How to create a horse on the FEI Database.”


Step 3: You must verify that that the Owner information is up to date and correct.

If you need to update the Ownership, you click on New Ownership and the CREATE NEW OWNERSHIP window will open.

  • Are you creating an Ownership with someone who already exists on the FEI Database?

Click here to see "How to create a new Ownership with an existing person"


  • Are you creating an Ownership with a new person, someone who does not already have a FEI ID number?

Click here to see "How to create a new Ownership with a new person"


  • Are you creating a multi-owner Ownership?

Click here to see "How to create a multi-owner Ownership"


Step 4: Please verify the information on the horse’ page and update or add any information you may have in the Horse Info section.

Please note: if you select Upgrade to Recognition Card and there is no information in the FEI Recognised Document ID or Issuing body fields, a FEI passport will automatically be issued.


You can see that a FEI Passport has been issued with a 4 year validity.

The stickers will open in a pop-up window.

Please Note: Original stickers must be downloaded and printed on the same day you issue the FEI Passport.


Step 7: You must then print these stickers out on the FEI sticker paper you receive with the blank FEI Passports.

Sticker #1 needs to be stuck on the front cover of the FEI Passport and stamped with your National Federation stamp:

Sticker #2 needs to be stuck on page 10 and needs to be signed and stamped by your National Federation:

Sticker #3 needs to be stuck on page 32 on the description/diagram page:

Please Note: if you intended to issue a FEI Recognition Card but you actually issued a FEI Passport and need this changed, please contact the FEI as soon as possible for the relevant information to be added to the horse’ profile and the correct stickers to be issued.


Step 8: Scans of the relevant pages of this new Passport need to be uploaded to the FEI Database.


Please view “How to upload horse documents for FEI Passports on the FEI Database” for further information.


Step 9: The document is complete, stamped and signed is now ready to be used.


Things to Consider:

  • If a horse document is issued by mistake, please contact the FEI immediately to request for it to be cancelled. If the FEI are not contacted within 24 hours of the mistake, the action will be invoiced and not refunded.
  • Stickers have to be printed on the day of issue, please make sure you have the FEI Passport with completed horse diagram and description and sticker paper available before following the process above.





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