How to obtain new stickers for FEI documents, when modifications are made on a horse' FEI profile?

If you make a correction to a horse’ FEI ID profile that influences the information on one of the FEI Passport/FEI Recognition Card stickers, a new sticker will need to be issued.

Owner Change stickers and Name Change stickers can be downloaded and printed by your National Federation directly.


All other stickers need to be requested from the FEI:


Step 1: You request a new sticker from the FEI because you have:

- added the UELN number to the horse’ profile (FEI RCs and FEI Passports)

- added the microchip number to the horse' profile (FEI RCs and FEI Passports)

- corrected the date of birth (FEI Passports)

- corrected the colour of the horse (FEI Passports)


Step 2: The FEI will send you the relevant sticker.


Step 3: The sticker needs to be stuck and stamped on the FEI document and a scan will then have to be uploaded to the FEI Database.


E.g. If you added a new UELN number, the FEI will send a new sticker #1, this needs to be stuck on the name page of the FEI document, this is the page that the system will require to be uploaded.

Once uploaded the horse will be able to enter FEI events.


2016-02-15 12:59 Victoria
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