How to create a National Passport

The FEI acknowledges that it is not required, by law, for horses to have national passports in some National Federations.


From 1 January 2017, horses that are registered for the first time on the FEI Database with a FEI registration number only, must have an approved national passport or indentification document.

Click here to see which national passports are approved by the FEI.


In order to help National Federations who do not have national passports, the FEI has created a template.

The template has been designed to:

-      be used by all National Federations that do not currently have national equine passports

-      meet the requirements for the registration of horses for the first time with the FEI

-      be used in conjunction with FEI Recognition Cards. (What is a FEI Recognition Card?)


The template consists of mandatory sections and optional sections. The template also allows you to insert a translation from English to two other languages. 


For further information regarding this template or to request a copy please contact:

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