How to create a Horse's pedigree on the FEI Database

The Pedigree Management page on the FEI Database will allow for the creation of a horse' ancestry through visual family trees, which will link horses who are born to the same Sire or Dam.


A horse' pedigree can be created or modified via the Horse Pedigree page once a horse has been created on the FEI Database:


Step 1: You arrive on the HORSE PEDIGREE page where you can see some basic information about the horse as well as the beginning of its family tree.


Step 2: You click on the "+" to add a SIRE or DAM


Step 3: You can search for the horse in question, to see if it already exists in the FEI Database.

You can search by NAME or a variety of criteria depending on what information you may have.


If the horse, or a similar match exists on the FEI Database the search will return a list of horses from which you can choose to add as SIRE or DAM.


Step 4: If you find the horse you searched for you can click on SELECT, this will add the horse as the SIRE or DAM on the Pedigree page of your horse in question.

If you are not sure that it is the correct horse, perhaps when many horses have the same name, you can click on SHOW DETAILS and some further information is displayed below.


Once the horse is added, you can continue filling in the pedigree.


If you do not find the horse you are looking for, you can Create a new Pedigree Horse.

Step 1: You can click on "Create a new Pedigree Horse..." to add a pedigree horse that does not already exist on the FEI Database


Step 2: You must fill in the NAME of the horse, other information would be also very useful in regards to being able to link this horse to other horses on the FEI Database. Please fill in as much information as possible.


This will create a horse on the FEI Database with a pedigree ID.

Once the horse is added, you can continue filling in the pedigree.


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