How to revalidate a FEI document

In accordance with Art.1027.8 of the FEI Veterinary Regulations all FEI documents need to be revalidated every 4 years for horses that are active in international competition.

 FEI documents are valid for 4 years from the date of issue. If a horse is wanting to compete in any FEI event and a FEI document is necessary, it must be valid.


Step 1: You must find the horse in question on the FEI Database either by FEI ID number or name and open the Horse Detail page.


Step 2: You need to click on Renew and enter the date to which you want the passport to be valid.

Your National Federation will be invoiced accordingly.

  • It costs 175 CHF to revalidate a horse document
  • It costs 35 CHF to revalidate a pony document


Step 3: You need to Download the revalidation sticker which needs to be printed out on the revalidation sticker paper that can be ordered from the FEI,

The stickers look like this:

The sticker needs to be printed out on FEI sticker paper:


Step 4: The sticker then needs to be stuck and stamped on page 36 of the FEI Recognition card and on page 1 of the FEI Passport.


Please Note: If a horse has a FEI Passport and is administered by a country within the European Union, these documents have to be revalidated without a gap in their validity date, even if the horse is not competing in international competition.

          E.g. 02/04/2012 – 02/04/2016 – 02/04/2020.




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