How to issue a duplicate FEI Passport

If the FEI Passport is full, damaged, stolen or lost then a duplicate FEI Passport needs to be issued.

If the horse has a FEI approved national passport, we strongly advise you to upgrade and issue a duplicate FEI Recognition Card.

Please contact the FEI:


Step 1: A blank FEI Passport has to be sent to the owner of the horse or directly to the Vet who will fill out the description/diagram page.


The Vet must fill out the description and diagram, in line with the Identification of Horses details, it must then be signed and stamped by the Vet and sent back to the National Federation.


Step 2: To issue a duplicate, the duplicate stickers need to be requested from the FEI by email:

These will be sent in an attachment to be printed out on the FEI sticker paper.


Step 3: As mentioned in the procedure "How to issue a FEI Passport", sticker #1 must be stuck and stamped on page 1, sticker #2 must be stuck, stamped and signed on page 10 and sticker #3 must be stuck on page 32 of the new duplicate FEI Passport.


This sticker #1 will have the word DUPLICATA on it.This represents that this is not the first/original FEI document.


Step 4: A full scan of the duplicate FEI Passport needs to be uploaded to the FEI Database.

Please view “How to upload horse documents for FEI Passports on the FEI Database” for further information.



Things to Consider:

  • If a horse has a national passport and you wish to issue a duplicate FEI Recognition Card, then please contact the FEI to correct the relevant information on the Horse's FEI profile page.
  • If a horse has a valid FEI Passport, this is the document that should be used at all events, including CIMs in their country of residence.






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