How to access and explore the FEI Dressage Performance Dashboard

What is the FEI Dressage Performance Dashboard?

The FEI Dressage Performance Dashboard is a new online service proposed by the FEI to help athletes improve their performance through data analysis. Developed in partnership with Black Horse One and with the support of SAP, the platform compiles all scoresheets from international events judged on a paperless system (approximately the last six years) and presents data in powerful tools that allow you to easily identify key strengths or potential areas for improvement. As a registered FEI athlete, you can in addition access to the judges’ comments for your own tests.


How do I connect to the platform?

As a registered FEI athlete, you can log into the platform using your existing FEI ID and password.


Important: Please note that in case you have never used your FEI ID to log in to an FEI platform or mobile application before, you will first need to request the activation of your account by filling activating your user account.

You can find your FEI ID in the FEI Database by following this guide.


How do I navigate the platform?

The two analytics modules available for free will be displayed on your left while you can access the scoresheets sections on the right, below your profile information:



  • Analytics - Best Horse Per Figure: This module will automatically be loaded with the data available in our database.
  • Analytics - Best and Average Score per Test by Horse: You can select all of your horses for which there is data in the dropdown menu.
  • Scoresheets - Please turn the "Include all shows" radio button off in order to display only your shows. Once you selected a show, you will be invited to select the competition for which you would like to display the scoresheets.


How do I gain access to Premium features?

You can gain access to additional features by subscribing to the optional Premium plan, which comes at a fee. you would gain access to the following features:

  • Analytics: possibility to load all public data for Dressage and Para Dressage athletes available in the database and four additional analytics modules:
    • Mark Distribution of Figure
    • Average Mark per Horse and Figure
    • Compare Two Athletes
    • Compare Two Combinations
  • Scoresheets: access to all available scoresheets in the database including the ones from other athletes. Please note that you cannot access Judges' comments for other Athletes. 

The Premium plan comes with a 30-day free trial that you can stop anytime.


Can non-athletes also access the platform?

Yes, non-athletes are also allowed to join the service but can only do so by subscribing to the Premium plan. Also, please note that these users need to connect using a myFEI account, event if they have their own FEI ID.


Is there an app?

There is currently no app available for the service. However, the website is responsive and has been designed to provide a user friendly experience on all type of device, including tablets and smartphones.



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